• POWER: Medium Heavy (MH)
  • LENGTH: 7’11”
  • ACTION: Fast
  • LINE RATING: 30#-85#


NEW FROM TOMCAT ROD CO! The Tomcat TC2 is a fast action rod with an unbelievablely soft tip to backbone ratio. The TC2 Medium-Heavy makes for the perfect cut bait or live bait rod. With a 4-10 ounce sinker rating this rod is ideal for medium to large rivers, and reserviors.

These rods are almost impossible to break! Built fom the E-Glass blank up right here in the USA with an all paracord handle which is epoxied in on all sides so it cannot come undone. Allowing for phenominal grip no matter the conditions and minimal handle wear comparing to cork or EVA foam. An all aluminum double locking heavy duty reel seat and 10+1 stainless steel guides makes for one of the toughest rods out there, yet has the beauty and boldness that stand out among the rest.

TOMCAT CUSTOM TC2 Builds allow for you, the customer to take your options even furthur. Here is where imaginations can run wild and options are almost endless. Please inqire for options, opinions or ideas at Custom builds have a base price of $180 and go up from there depending on time spent on rod.

The TC2 MH is an incrdibly versitile rod, ideal for anchoring, drifting, planer boards, live bait or gunning a big bait out from the riverbank. The sesitivty of the tip while stiffer than the TC2 Medium still offers unparalleled bite detection in comparison to other rods with a similar backbone. The TC2 MH is a perfect choice for Monster Flatheads, Bluecats, White Sturgeon and Alligator Gar. These rods are built by hand per order. Please allow approximatly 8 weeks to recieve your order.



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